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Study Abroad

                                                                 Study Abroad

Many of the students in India have this dream of studying abroad. They generally want to Study in Australia, Study in Canada, Study in UK, Study in USA and many other countries. There are many reasons because of which Indian students like to study abroad. The exposure which a student gets while studying in a foreign country is very nice and valuable. The education system in developed countries like Australia, Canada, USA, UK and New Zealand focuses more on practical learning rather than theoretical learning. In India approach of educators is more of theoretical hence students find it difficult to have a clear understanding of technical fundamentals.

Average salaries in foreign countries are comparatively higher than that in India. Most of the employers in countries like USA, UK, Canada and Australia are equal opportunity providers, hence there is less scope of corruption in such countries.

Universities in UK, USA, Canada and Australia are better ranked. If we go by the global ranking of the universities we can clearly see that most of the top universities in the world are either from the USA or from the UK. Hardly one university from India is in the list of top 200 universities of the world. These rankings are generally given on the basis of researches done in the university, student satisfaction, student employability rate and many other factors. Different universities provide different scholarships to International students which generally ranges from 5% to 100% of the tuition fees of the course, depending upon the merit of the student. While choosing the university and country of the study one thing which any student should consider other than the ranking of the university is the possibility of staying back in that particular country for work. Countries like Australia, Canada, Ireland, Germany and New Zealand give a provision to international students of settling down and also becoming the citizen of their country as they are ok with immigration.

Following is the general procedure which students should follow for making the application to the universities for getting accepted:

- Selecting the country as per the individual requirements. For example, if a student wants to return back to India after getting done with his education, then he should just focus on the higher ranking of the university, irrespective of the location and country. If the student is more interested in staying back in the country of education then they should make sure that they do a proper research regarding the post-study work permit provisions in those countries. They should also enquire properly that whether the course of their choice will help them in getting a permanent residency in the country of their choice or not.

- Once the student has chosen the university and country, they should cross check about the application deadlines for the course of their choice as the same varies with university and intake. The student can also contact overseas education consultants for genuine advise and take their support for applications. The student will have to be careful about scholarship during the time of application itself as scholarships have the deadline too.

- The student needs to prepare for different exams like IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, GRE and GMAT, as per the requirement of the university. For this, they can undergo coaching if needed. The student should work hard on the statement of purpose as the same play an important role in getting selected at the university.

- The student should arrange for the finances with the help of an educational loan or in different forms of savings ( varies from country to country ). Funds should be arranged depending upon the tuition fees and living expenses.

- Once the student receives the offer letter from any university of his choice, further they need to make some payment to the university so that the university can offer th3em the final acceptance letter.

- Further to this student need to prepare their student visa file and apply for same accordingly.

- Once the visa is received student can fly to their destination.

Gunjan Malhotra - Sunshine Fortunes Education - Study overseas consultants

We at Sunshine Fortunes Education help students in achieving their dream of studying abroad. We ensure that students can easily get into the best universities as per their profile and get the student visa granted smoothly. Our head office is based out of Greater Noida in Delhi NCR and we provide free consultancy services for more than 700 international universities.

Gunjan Malhotra
Sunshine Fortunes Education.

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